1. This was where I realized how therapeutic clothing illustration could be. The jacket you see here was based on an existing favorite of mine. (The real one could only reach my knees.)

  2. Combing through the cobwebs. #FRESHMEN2011

  3. Ideating .。oO

  4. Borrowed time from Dali.

  5. 🌝

  6. Playing with some new brushpens

  7. <3 shape

  8. This is what you get when you mix boredom, a marker pen, a seasonal obsession with 1930s American cartoons, and an undying love for #Teletubbies

  9. @ryansulit slept like this in the studio. He’s reached a level of zen that yoga masters could only dream of. (at Detention Barracks)

  10. @anjobolarda and I would like to invite y’all to our 2-man show exhibition coming up on 17th October! 7:30pm Fri, 56B Joo Chiat Place! Booze & munchies provided ☆〜(ゝ。∂) (at Detention Barracks)