1. @ryansulit slept like this in the studio. He’s reached a level of zen that yoga masters could only dream of. (at Detention Barracks)

  2. @anjobolarda and I would like to invite y’all to our 2-man show exhibition coming up on 17th October! 7:30pm Fri, 56B Joo Chiat Place! Booze & munchies provided ☆〜(ゝ。∂) (at Detention Barracks)

  3. Tease tease (at Detention Barracks)

  4. Tease tease

  5. Started out on the upcoming exhibition with @anjobolarda ! We’ll keep y’all posted! (at Detention Barracks)

  6. All’s packed from the previous show. On to the next one coming up in a week’s time!

  7. This marks the end of The Apprenticeship Program Exhibition. A jumbo sized THANK YOU to all who came down either/both in person and in spirit. Y’all have been super special awesome. (at 8Q, Singapore Art Museum)

  8. We had guutaim in the neighborhood.

  9. I now have a fan from Taiwan! The exhibition closes on 7th Sep, Sunday at 7pm, many thanks to all who came to support so far!

  10. Thanks @benjwxl @joannelrp @frus_sg for this Ang Ku Kueh(sticker). No longer will I have to worry about my phone running out of battery or smelling unappetizing. #frus #frus_sg