1. Control + W | 11 x 16 | Are we like pop-up windows to the bossman? | limited prints of 5 #wouldthatbeall (at Detention Barracks)

  2. Office Entertainment | 11 x 16 | sometimes the bossman throws you about just for the fun of it. |limited prints of 5 #wouldthatbeall (at Detention Barracks)

  3. I wish I could fit more in (🌝) but you know who you are, your support has been tremendous through the past few exhibitions! I shall work harder 💪 (at Detention Barracks)

  4. See y’all later ☆〜(ゝ。∂) (at Detention Barracks)

  5. *boop* #wouldthatbeall (at Detention Barracks)

  6. Don’t miss the party this coming Friday. 7:30pm, 56b Joo Chiat Place, Detention Barracks. #wouldthatbeall

  7. I’m not sure what it’s made of, but I made this a year ago. Maybe it’ll cure my flu if I take it all in.

  8. Working with a flu is no fun at all. 0/10, not recommended.

  9. Wip for Friday’s show. This is my first time working with acrylic (つД`)ノ #wouldthatbeall

  10. Love in a spiral #inktober